goDog RhinoPlay Cirq Review (Worldwise)

goDog RhinoPlay Cirq
What It Is
The GoDog RhinoPlay Cirq is a non-toxic, durable dog toy that is part of the Go Dog Rhinoplay line of dog toys from Worldwise.  The shape of the Cirq is best described as a wheel with a hollow side.  This unique shape gives Pet Parents the ability to hide treats in the hollowed side making the Cirq a treat dispenser of sorts. The Cirq can be used for tossing and fetching as well as being a chew toy for dogs.  The Cirq maintains its shape despite heavy chewing and because it floats, it can be an effective water toy in ponds, lakes and at the beach.
Is It Fun?
The goDog RhinoPlay Cirq is different from the other toys in the line because it is designed with a hollow side that can be used to hide treats.  That gives it a third dimension of fun for your dog, treat dispensing.  Now your dog can enjoy chewing, fetching and possibly winning a treat all with the same dog toy. The treat-dispensing aspect of the Cirq helps our canine kids exercise their natural foraging instincts. Despite not being able to toss this toy too far, you can roll it far enough for a fetch game.  The Cirq like all of the RhinoPlay toys, floats making this a fun toy for lakes, ponds and the beach.
Who It’s For
The goDog RhinoPlay Cirq is for any dog that is a heavy chewer that also likes to fetch. The Cirq floats making this great for dogs who enjoy the water.
What To Be Aware Of
Like all chew toys, these are not indestructible and should be played with under Pet Parent Supervision.  If you notice your dog ripping sizable chunks off (we didn't) remove the damaged toy and pieces from your dog.  All of the Rhinoplay Toys are made in junior sizes as well for smaller dogs. A portion of the proceeds for all RhinoPlay sales go to charities that promote the human/animal bond.
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