goDog RhinoPlay Vexo Review (Worldwise)

goDog RhinoPlay Vexo
What It Is
The GoDog RhinoPlay Vexo is a non-toxic, durable dog toy and is part of the Go Dog Rhinoplay line of dog toys from Worldwise.  The shape of the Vexo is best described as a modern take on the classic dog bone shape since it is tapered in the middle making it easy for dogs to manipulate and hold with their paws. It also has a flattened side which might enhance your dog's ability to grip it.  The Vexo can be used  for tossing and fetching as well as a chomping bone for dogs.  The Vexo maintains its shape despite heavy chewing.  It seems to act as in a similar manner that a stress ball does for humans, especially with aggressive chewers.  The Vexo is also buoyant so it can be used as a water toy in lakes and ponds.  
Is It Fun?
The Go Dog Rhinoplay Vexo is a good chew toy in its own right and dogs should enjoy hours of chomping on it with no worry anything toxic entering their systems.  Even aggressive chewers will find this toy challenging and rewarding.  But the Vexo can also be used as a fetching stick for both land and sea since it also floats.
Who It’s For
The GoDog Rhinoplay line of toys are for any dogs who are tough on their toys and tend to destroy them.  While these are not indestructable, they do hold up very well and will last longer than the average plastic toy.  They're safer too.  The Vexo in particular will be enjoyed by fetching dogs as well as dogs that usually like to nosh on bones or bone-shaped toys.
What To Be Aware Of
We only noticed very small pieces of the Vexo can be chewed off and may be ingested during a prolonged chomping session however since they are non-toxic, we don't feel it presents a much of a danger.  Like all chew toys, these are not indestructible and should be played with under Pet Parent Supervision.  If you notice your dog ripping sizable chunks off (we didn't) remove the damaged toy and pieces from your dog.  All of the Rhinoplay Toys are made in junior sizes as well for small dogs.
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