Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Series 2 Igloos Review (Jazwares)

Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Series 2 Igloos
What It Is

Don't just play with Animal Jam pets, adopt them with Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Series 2 Igloos. Based on the Animal Jam online game, there are 106 pets to collect in series 2, including rare, diamond, gem, and ultra rare pets. Will you find Windpanda the purple panda or maybe Toycoat the lion?

Each igloo comes with one pet, plus two accessories, an adoption checklist to keep track of your collection, and an exclusive online game code. The igloos can be used as storage for your pets and accessories. You can even stack the igloos and create a cool Animal Jam display. The igloos are available in white, pink, purple, and blue colors.

Is It Fun?

These mini animals are really cute and will be fun to collect for kids who enjoy playing the Animal Jam game. They'll like the surprise of not knowing which animal is inside the igloo until they open it up. The small size makes these pets perfect for collecting, trading, playing, and displaying. It's all about bringing the fun of the online game offline, encouraging kids to use their imaginations and tell their own animal stories.

Who It’s For

The Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Series 2 Igloos are for ages 5 and up. If you've got a kid who loves playing Animal Jam online, then he or she might also like collecting mini toy versions of some of the animals from the game. It brings the online play offline.

What To Be Aware Of

Other Animal Jam toys are sold separately.

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  • Collectability