Revolution Flex Duallie Review (BOB)

Revolution Flex Duallie
What It Is

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie is the ever popular Bob Revolution stroller but built for two kids. The Revolution Flex Duallie is a side by side double jogging stroller. This is an all-terrain stroller that can handle smooth sides walks or a little off roading dirt path. This stroller is infant car seat compatible so parents can place a car seat on one seat while having an older child on the other. Pneumatic rubber tires have a lock and swivel wheel function to fit your stroll or jog. Adjustable suspension helps absorb little bumps while you run and keeps your kids comfy in the seats. The handle bar has 9 height positions to fit various heights. The seat is nice and deep and each independently reclines. A generous canopy for each seat provides 50+ UPF protection. A peek a boo window helps parents check in on kids while strolling.  And a 5-point harness keeps kids secure. The under seat basket is large and has lots of room for a diaper bag, toys and whatever else you are carting around on your adventure. A foot brake is sandal friendly and easy to access. When jogging, a safety strap and hand brakes on either side of the handle bar make it helpful for parents to have full control over this stroller. The Revolution Flex Duallie has a 2 step fold that's easy to do. But it’s not self locking or self standing which means you have to manually lock it into place. Unfolding this stroller is also easy. 

Is It Fun?
Overall, this is a really great stroller, it handles very well and easy and while it is a double stroller, it doesn’t feel as bulky as it could considering all the features it has. This stroller is a little heavy when folded and does take up a bit of room although it is fairly compact for being a double stroller. The Revolution Flex Duallie fits right through standard door frames which is great for apartment living or taking to restaurants.  The wheels allow for super tight turns and I was really surprised at how easily this stroller moves through tight spaces. 

The Bob Revolution Flex Duallie makes a great primary stroller for families but also functions really well as a jogging stroller for your active lifestyle. 

Who It’s For

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie is for ages birth and up with use of an infant car seat. Babies 7months and older can start using the regular seats as long as they can sit up unassisted. This has a weight limit of 100 pounds. 

What To Be Aware Of

This stroller can be used with infants with a infant car seat . For my 5’5 frame, this stroller does not feel bulky and I had no problem taking it down the sidewalks of NYC. Even though this stroller can take an infant car seat, it won’t take two infant car seats at the same time. So it’s not ideal for twin infants. When the twins are around 7 or 8 months they can sit in the regular seats and then it’s ideal for twins. 

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