Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller Review (BOB Gear)

Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller
What It Is

You can still get out for a jog with two kids with the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie jogging stroller. This two-seat stroller keeps everybody comfortable when mom or dad goes out for a run.

First, it can be used in one of two modes. If you're just going for a walk, then keep the front wheel's 360-degree swivel. But if you're going for a jog, then you can lock the front swivel wheel to provide increased stability. All three of the stroller's tires are pneumatic air-filled tires designed to handle any terrain.

The stroller also has a wrist strap attached to the handlebar to give the jogging parent a more secure grasp on the stroller. (The wrist strap will also help keep the stroller secure when folded.) And there is a hand brake on the handlebar that slows the rear drum brakes, ideal for when you're jogging downhill. And the padded handlebar can be adjusted to one of nine positions to accommodate the height of the parent.

You can also use the foot brake to lock the back wheels.

Both of the padded seats have five-point safety harnesses with adjustable straps, plus a multi-position recline. The canopies extend very far over the seats and feature large peek-a-boo windows so parents can keep an eye on kids.

An accessory adapter on either side of the stroller easily allows parents to attach additional accessories, such as a snack tray, sold separately.

And to make sure you have everything you need on your outdoor adventure, the stroller comes with a Low Boy Cargo Basket that can hold up to 10 pounds, two large seatback pockets that can each hold up to two pounds, and internal seat pockets that give kids space to store snacks and toys.

And when not in use, the stroller does fold up.

The Revolution Pro Duallie comes in three colors: wilderness (green), orange, and black.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a pretty big stroller, but if you've got two kids, then you'll know that a dual stroller like this is a necessity. And don't worry--the Revolution Pro Duallie does fit through doors. 

This has all the features you would want from a jogging stroller: easy to steer, tires that can handle any terrain, seats that keep kids comfortable and secure, and a locking swivel wheel for better control when jogging. But while most jogging strollers only have a wrist strap, this stroller's hand brake, in addition to the wrist strap, is a great extra safety feature that adds another level of control for the parent.

Who It’s For

The Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller is for use with babies from 8 months–5 years. If you use a car seat adapter with a compatible infant car seat, both sold separately, then you could use this stroller with babies from birth–8 months.

The maximum child weight per seat is 50 pounds, and the maximum child height is 44 inches.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required and is easy to do. You'll need to fill the tires with air, and a pump is not included.

Even though the stroller folds, because it is such a large stroller to begin with, the fold isn't super compact. You do have the option of removing the wheels to make it even smaller.

This is available as a single stroller, too.

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