Bark Notes Review (RC Pet Products)

Bark Notes
What It Is
These doggy accessories are the Bark Notes, part of the Canine Friendly line of high visibility safety products from RC Pet Products. Picture this, you’re out at an event with your lovable pit bull or some other big dog that enjoys attention from people but because of his intimidating size, most folks and kids are shying away.  Wouldn’t it be great to send a message out that says, my dog is friendly! Or perhaps you have a dog that is shy and does not like to be touched by strangers. No explanation necessary when your pup is wearing a "do not pet" Bark Note. The Bark Notes are flexible waterproof labels that are easy to read from a distance. They fit on leashes or collars that are three quarters an inch to 1 inch wide and can be attached by slipping the end of the leash or collar through the neoprene sleeve of the Bark Note.  The Bark Notes come in many different styles that are both functional and fun. Functional messages include "training", "friendly", "do not pet", "training" and "working". Some of the more fun messages include "diva", "cray cray", "hyper" and "#instadog".
Why Is It Useful?
The Bark Notes from RC Pets are fun and functional. As a function, these accessories can help timid dogs evade intrusive people that want to approach them. These can also be helpful in alerting people to the fact that you are training your dog or have service dog. The fun notes can announce your dog's personality. For instance you may have a "diva" your hands or maybe your little furball is just plain "spoiled". Either way your message to others will be seen easily.
Who It’s For
The Bark Notes are for any pet parents that want to alert strangers to their pooch's status whether it be to invite them to approach or steer them clear.  They can also be used to describe personality traits your dog has in a fun and distinctive way.
What To Be Aware Of
Bark Note are part of the Canine Friendly line of highly visible safety products from RC Pets. Bark Notes are designed to fit leashes and collars with widths from 3/4 " to 1".  The Bark Notes are water-proof.  Bark Notes come in many colors with many messages.
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