Sureshot Crossbow Review (Petron)

Sureshot Crossbow
What It Is

Never miss a shot with the Sureshot Crossbow. This toy crossbow has front and rear sights to help kids take better aim at their targets. The crossbow launches sucker darts that can be used indoors and outdoors, and it comes with three of those darts with built-in storage for holding five.

To launch, pull back on the crossbow's string. Load a dart into the barrel, and then pull the trigger.

Is It Fun?
We were surprised at how far the darts flew. Ours went between 30 and 35 feet. But because these darts have suction cup ends, this is going to be less about distance and more about target practice and getting the darts to stick to a target. That's also kind of why the product is named "Sureshot". Kids will like getting creative aiming at different targets that they've set up with this easy-to-use crossbow blaster.
Who It’s For
The Sureshot Crossbow is for ages 6 and up. Kids who like playing target practice with blasters will enjoy the ease-of-use of this crossbow blaster.
What To Be Aware Of
Assembly is required and took us about two minutes to do. You will need a screwdriver.
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