Despicable Me 3 MiP Turbo Dave Review (WowWee)

Despicable Me 3 MiP Turbo Dave
What It Is
Minion MiP Turbo Dave from WowWee is a new robot pal, based on the company's successful MiP Robot. Turbo Dave has four modes of play by himself, and you can expand play by linking him with an interactive, free app. 

His four on-board modes are: Default, where you can touch or poke him to get him to respond; Dance where he's dance on his own; Free Roam when he just goes off on his own and Guard where he'll warn you if there are intruders in the area. You can tell the mode he's in by the light on his base, and you can switch modes by turning the wheel in his base by hand. 

To get Turbo Dave started, you'll need 4 AAA batteries. Turn him on and place Dave on his wheels. You'll feel the traction kick in, and he'll balance. It's actually pretty cool when he does that. Of course, when he gets going, you'll want to be sure you have plenty of space for him to run around. 

We really like the app and the way it expands play.  First, connecting the app to Dave couldn't have been easier. Once connected, you can drive him, have him go through various emotions, create sounds and have all kinds of interactions. There's a lot to discover as you play, and that is lots of fun fun. There's some music built into the app, and Dave makes his own noises, including the famous fart blaster, so you'll have to determine if you want to turn the volume down. We actually preferred it that way, but it's really up to you. There's lots to discover and lots to play with this. It's certainly one of the most fun and engaging Minion toys we've seen when it comes to ongoing interaction, discovery and entertainment

Is It Fun?
You may not be the most terrible villain on the planet, but you can still control your own Minion. (if you recall, Minions are always devoted to serving the world's most evil people, no matter how ineptly.) 

Minion fans will get a kick out of all they can do with this character. The on-board features let you bring Dave to live and interact in fun ways.

But you'll definitely want to add the app to get the full experience. From smooth connection to the wide variety of things you can do, this is a great, immersive and seriously funny experience for Minion fans of all ages.

Who It’s For
Well, obviously, this is for fans of the Minions. 

People of all ages love them, and if you do and you like robotics, you're going to love the combination of Minion silliness and high-tech fun.

What To Be Aware Of
Turbo Dave requires 4 AAA batteries.

He's got some great features like getting around obstacles, and it's kind of hilarious when he falls over. In other words, he's a typical Minion.

Rev him up and get ready to laugh. Will this have huge long-term play? For fans, it will, but this is really one of the best and most interactive and rich Minion toys we've seen. Definitely worth the money.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AAA batteries required