GoDog Retrieval triFlyer Review (Worldwise)

GoDog Retrieval triFlyer
What It Is
The Go Dog Retrieval Triflyer is part of the Go Dog Retrieval Line from Worldwise.  If you've seen any of our reviews on Go Dog toys, you know that the brand stands for durability and this toy is no different.  Let's begin with the boomerang looking frame.  It's made from a flexible plastic that is softer than it appears making it easy on the teeth and gums and it should resist cracking or breaking  There is a hole in the middle of the frame that perfectly fits a Toughcore tennis ball that comes with the Tri Flyer. Toughcore tennis balls are made using a solid foam core which keeps them from splitting and becoming choking hazards like regular tennis balls.  Used in this manner, it's just an added feature to delight your best pal. The TriFlyers toss easily by grabbing one of the three arms and letting it rip. You can get some really good distance with them with very little effort.  When it eventually lands there is always one arm that is up for easy pick up and retrieval.
Is It Fun?
The TriFlyer is easy to throw for humans and easy to pick up for dogs.  The Toughcore ball in the middle is an added feature to entice Fido, but it also acts as a prop-up so there is at least one arm of the Triflyer up when it lands.
Who It’s For
The Go Dog Retrieval Triflyer is for any dog that enjoys a good game of fetch.  Dogs often get tired of  the same ball or bone to retrieve.  The Triflyer will change things up so Fido doesn't get bored with your normal fetch routine.
What To Be Aware Of
The GoDog Retrieval TriFlyer comes in 2 sizes, small and large.  Choose the size that's right for your dog.  The frame of the TriFlyer is flexible and should not break.  You can use normal tennis balls in place of the Toughcore balls.  The small version of the TriFlyer has space for a 2.5 inch ball.  This is part of the GoDog Retrieval line.  This is not a chew toy.  Pet parent supervision is recommended.
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