Hype Hover-1 Buggy Review (DGL)

Hype Hover-1 Buggy
What It Is
Turn your hoverboard scooter into a drifting buggy! the Hype Hover-1 Buggy is a metal framed carriage that attaches to any hoverboard scooter and turns it into a powered ride-on. The metal frame slides together and you attach the bucket seat. You can adjust the length of the carriage to accommodate riders of different heights. Once the frame is assembled, attach your hoverboard using the VeclvThen use the Velcro straps to attach any hoverboard scooter, and you're ready to ride. 

Handles on either side of the seat manage the steering and the drifting. You can go as fast as your hoverboard will allow, and, provided you're in a nice, open space, you'll be able to do drifts, runs, and spins. It's a really fun way to add more play to your hoverboard, and it's ideal for people who may be a little nervous about riding a hoverboard in a standing position. 

While this doesn't have a formal age grading, anyone who can ride a hoverboard should be able to manage this. Weight limits, battery life, etc. are determined by the hoverboard, though all the adults at TTPM were able to ride this easily. 

Is It Fun?
This is a really cool way to ride. Leveraging the steering and speed of most hoverboards, this is mor about exciting riding than transportation. With a nice, open space, kids can practice all kinds of tricks and stunts, and they have the advantage of staying low to the ground, which enhances security. There's really no learning curve for this. Just sit down and ride. 
Who It’s For
The manufacturer doesn't list an age grading, but we're assuming 8 and up. Any kid who can ride a hoverboard should be able to manage this easily. One of the definite advantages of this is that it really does enhance the value of your hoverboard investment by adding an entirely new way to play and enjoy the hoverboard.
What To Be Aware Of
Be sure to wear all protective gear, and check your local ordinances for where you can ride these in public. 

Parental supervision is advised for younger kids. 

We were impressed by the simplicity of the design, the ease of assembly and the fun of riding. We felt a lot more confident going fast in this than in the traditional upright way of riding a hoverboard. Most hoverboards are challenging to ride over uneven pavement, but this did just fine.

The metal frame is pretty sturdy. Be careful when stopping quickly not to push forward with your feet on the foot rest because that can make the frame come apart. This isn't a problem; you just have to stop and put it back together again.

As noted above, weight limits, battery life, etc. are determined by the hoverboard that you use. 

There are many online resources available to help you buy the best hoverboards in terms of performance and safety. 

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