Get Qurious Review (Get Qurious)

Get Qurious
What It Is

The Get Qurious Maker Box is a maker kit that combines digital play with interactive games and activities for kids. To get started, you’ll need to download the free Get Qurious app, which is currently only compatible with iOS devices. 

There are four different activities the app will lead kids through that utilizes the box’s content, which includes 12 story cards, 2 masks, a double-sided puzzle, and a sticker box. 

In the first activity, Story Cards, kids can scan the included augmented reality story cards to watch a digital version of the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs

With Mask Play, kids can cut out their own masks of either a pig or wolf and then, similar to a SnapChat filter, scan the masks into the app where kids can take videos and selfies and use a voice changer with the wolf's or pig's voice.  

With Puzzle Builder, kids can color in the included puzzle pieces then put them together and scan them into the app to create a digital, interactive version of the puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete within the app, kids can interact with the puzzle by tapping on various parts of the screen. 

In the Wandering Wolf game, kids use the stickers to fill-in-the-blanks and complete the story (kind of like a choose your own adventure). They can then follow along with their story within the app. 

Is It Fun?

There are a lot of fun classic features to the different activities and games going on here. We also like that most of the activities incorporate hands-on/screen-less play such as coloring the puzzle and using the masks for classic roleplay of the story. 

That said, we felt that not all the activities really merged digital and physical play in a way that enhanced the play for kids. For example, simply scanning the Story Cards to tell a story (which cannot be told out of order) seemed unnecessary. Maybe if the features or screen elements had been more interactive here beyond kids simply scanning the story panels, it would have been more fun. 

Who It’s For

The Get Qurious Maker Box is for ages 47. Although the packaging of the product we received says 49, the  company has since updated the age-grade. We think it's best suited for kids on the lower end of that age spectrum.

What To Be Aware Of
The Get Qurious maker kit is currently only compatible with iOS systems and will not work on Android-run devices.
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