Despicable Me Bluetooth Speaker Review (eKids)

Despicable Me Bluetooth Speaker
What It Is
The Despicable Me Bluetooth Speaker from eKids is a battery-operated, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker shaped to look like one of Despicable Me's little yellow Minions. It stands at nearly seven-inches tall, featuring a fairly sturdy plastic mold. Like the Minions' larger than life personalities, this little speaker produces some surprisingly big sounds for its size.  

You will need to set up your speaker before using, which doesn't take long to do. First, you'll need to charge it up. Before the first use, this requires an eight-hour charge, which you can do using the included USB cable. Once it's fully charged, it's indicator light will turn blue. Flip the switch on its back to the Bluetooth symbol. Then, search on your smartphone device for iHome B66 to connect. That's it! Once you're connected all you have to do is select music on your Bluetooth device and hit play. Your device will function like a remote for the Bluetooth in order to control the volume, switch songs, pause, play, etc.

Is It Fun?
This is a fun little speaker for Minions fans. Because it uses iHome sound systems, it's got a great sound quality to it. We also liked that it's controlled via your Bluetooth device so you can control the volume to quickly change a song without having to hover around the speaker.
Who It’s For
The Despicable Me Bluetooth Speaker from eKids is for Minions fans of all ages. It can function as  a great little speaker for kids to display as a piece of room decor and show off one of their favorite characters, while adding some personality to their personal space. 
What To Be Aware Of

The Despicable Me Bluetooth speaker is available in two variations, a one-eyed Minion and a two-eyed Minion (shown in video).

The Despicable Me speaker operates on a rechargeable battery. Use the included USB cable to do so. The USB cable is pretty short so you may wish to use our own to charge it. 

If you aren't getting a strong Bluetooth connection you can still use the speaker by connecting an auxiliary cable, which is not included and sold separately. It also plays audio from devices equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, such as these Minions headphones, sold separately. 

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