KAOS Color Bombs Battle Pump Review (Imperial Toy)

KAOS Color Bombs Battle Pump
What It Is

Add a splash of color to your water balloon fights with the KAOS Color Bombs Battle Pump. This is a portable water balloon filling station that makes it easy to fill and tie water balloons, but it also adds color tablets to the water, so that when you throw a water balloon at your opponent, they'll get splashed with purple or green water. (Don't worry. The color is non-staining.)

Inside the pump, you get 250 translucent water balloons and 16 color tablets, eight of green and eight of purple. Take all of that stuff out of the pump and fill it with water. Then drop one tablet into the water and replace the lid. In about five minutes, the color tablet will be completely dissolved in the water. 

Then you're ready to fill up the balloons. Attach a balloon to the pump nozzle, and press the handle seven to eight times to fill the balloon. (Optimal balloon size is three inches.)

Once filled, twist the balloon around the tie-knot nozzle, pull it off and you're ready to go. 

Is It Fun?

This is a really cool water balloon filling and tying system that just makes it so much easier for kids and adults to do. That means you can get to throwing your water balloons much faster. You'll want to keep this pump handy so you can easily refill in the middle of a water balloon fight. And because the pump is portable, you can have a water balloon fight almost anywhere.

The colored water element just adds something new to the classic fun of water balloon fights, and kids will like seeing the balloons splash in purple and green on impact. 

Who It’s For
The KAOS Color Bombs Battle Pump is for ages 8 and with adult supervision. This makes it easy for kids to fill and tie water balloons, and they'll really like the addition of color.
What To Be Aware Of

The color tables are non-staining, however, it is advised that you rinse skin, clothes, and porous surfaces soon after exposure to minimize the chance of permanent staining.

If your water balloons have a lot of air in them, try giving the handle a good strong pump. Younger kids might need help from an adult for this.

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