My Little Pony Soft Lites Review (Tech 4 Kids)

My Little Pony Soft Lites
What It Is

Soft Lites is a line of soft character-shaped nightlights that don't require any cords to be plugged in because they simply run on batteries. And they feature some of kids' favorite characters, too, such as My Little Pony's Rainbow Dash.

The My Little Pony Soft Lites stands almost five inches tall and has a power icon on the pony's right front hoof. Even though it seems like you just press it to turn it on, you've actually got to press and hold it until the pony flashes twice. And then you press it again to turn it on. This will keep the pony lit up for 10 minutes. After that time, the pony automatically shuts off to preserve battery life.

You can also press the power icon at any time to turn off the light.

Is It Fun?
My Little Pony fans will like having Rainbow Dash in their rooms acting as a nightlight. This provides a nice glow that is bright enough to help kids not be afraid of the dark but not too bright as to be distracting while they're trying to sleep. Because this doesn't need to be plugged in, you can use it anywhere in a bedroom and even take it with you when you travel. Plus, kids could play with it during the day. But it will serve as a nice sleep aid for younger kids and a cool piece of room décor for older kids.
Who It’s For
The My Little Pony Soft Lites is for ages 3 and up. My Little Pony fans will really enjoy having a light-up Rainbow Dash to help them fall asleep at night. And because this has no cords, kids could even play with it during the day.
What To Be Aware Of

The My Little Pony Soft Lites comes with two AAA batteries that power the in-store try-me features, so it's recommended that you replace them before you play for best results.

If you simply press the power icon on the horse's hoof, the pony will light up but only for a few seconds. Make sure you follow the instructions on the back of the box to press and hold the power icon until the horse blinks twice. From there, you press the power icon and the horse will light up and then automatically shut off after 10 minutes.

A Peppa Pig Soft Lites is also available and sold separately.

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    2 AAA batteries required