Minecraft Series 3 Wild Animal Pack Review (Jazwares)

Minecraft Series 3 Wild Animal Pack
What It Is

The six animal figures in the Minecraft Series 3 Wild Animal Pack might be wild, but they're also collectible. Based on animals you've encountered when playing the Minecraft video game, each of these six figures has a pixilated look to mimic the look from the game. 

There's Polar Bear with a usually neutral mobs type, Mooshroom with a passive mobs type, Black Sheep with a passive mobs type, Hostile Wolf with a hostile mobs type, Ocelot with a passive mobs type, and Bat with a passive mobs type. The back of the box gives some information on how each of these animals reacts within the game.

But for play, the figures do have poseability. For instance, you can flap the Bat's wings, make the Black Sheep bounce on its springy legs, move the Ocelot's tail around, and pose the other animals feet and heads.

Is It Fun?

This will be fun for Minecraft fans who like playing the video game and collecting mini versions of favorite characters and animals for play or display, especially if they've already been collecting Jazwares' Minecraft toys. This is part of series 3, so fans with an established collection will definitely want to add to it with this six-pack.

But this gives any Minecraft fan a chance to build their own Minecraft world off-screen. Fans will like the poseability of the figures, which enhances the imaginative play, but the figures also look cool when kept out on display.

Who It’s For
The Minecraft Series 3 Wild Animal Pack is for ages 6 and up. Minecraft fans will really like collecting some of their favorite Minecraft animals through this figure six-pack. Imaginative kids will have fun building their own off-screen Minecraft world, while older fans and collectors will like keeping all six of these figures on display.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional Minecraft collectibles are available and sold separately.
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