Rhythm Box Review (Plan Toys)

Rhythm Box
What It Is
Preschoolers can play to the beat of their own drum with the Rhythm Box. This circular wooden box is inspired by the Cajon hand drumming box. There are two holes on either side so that kids can hook a thumb through one and easily hold the Rhythm Box in one hand while hitting it with the other. A pattern of orange, blue, and yellow triangles is printed around the Rhythm Box, and these colors are made from water-based dyes. In fact, the whole Rhythm Box is made of sustainable materials, including Plan Toys' own PlanWood material, with a chemical-free kiln-dried process to strengthen the wood and non-formaldehyde glue.
Is It Fun?
This allows kids to create rhythm and tempo with their hands without much skill necessary. Kids will like experimenting with different ways to beat on the Rhythm Box, such as with their fingers or the heel of their hand, to see how the sound changes. This drum produces a nice sound that isn't too loud, which parents will appreciate, and the eco-friendly aspects of the toy will also be something that eco-conscious parents will like.
Who It’s For

The Rhythm Box is for ages 3 and up. This will be a fun way to introduce music to preschoolers and get them playing music for themselves.

The eco-friendly aspect of the toy will appeal to parents who are looking for “green” toys for their children.

What To Be Aware Of

The Rhythm Box is made from sustainable materials and using sustainable manufacturing processes.

For more percussion play, there is a Double Drum from Plan Toys, sold separately.

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