Spinning Tops Review (Plan Toys)

Spinning Tops
What It Is

Practice your spinning skills with Spinning Tops, part of the PlanMini toy line. This comes with four small tops packaged in a reusable tin. Each top has a different shape, and therefore, will spin a little differently. It’s up to kids to experiment with different ways to spin the tops and challenge friends to see who can get their tops to spin for the longest time.

All of the tops are made from sustainable materials using sustainable manufacturing processes.

Is It Fun?
Spinning Tops is a fun toy and game that will help preschoolers develop fine motor skills as they practice getting the tops to spin and then experiment with different ways to spin the tops. Perhaps the most fun part will be challenging friends and family members to a top battle to see who can get their top to stay spinning for the longest amount of time. We like that all four tops fit inside the tin so that this toy can be taken on the go.
Who It’s For

Spinning Tops is for ages 3 and up. This is a simple and classic toy that will help preschoolers with fine motor skills. Kids will also like having contests to see whose top will spin the longest.

The eco-friendly feature of this toy will appeal to parents who are concerned about what their kids’ toys are made of.

What To Be Aware Of

The tops are made from water-based dyes using a chemical-free kiln-dried process.

The PlanMini toys lineup includes Memo Game, Mosaic, Construction Set, Pick-Up Sticks, and Balancing Cactus. Each is sold separately.

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