Balancing Cactus Review (Plan Toys)

Balancing Cactus
What It Is

One of Plan Toys’ popular games is now available in a mini version. Balancing Cactus is now part of the PlanMini line of small toys and games that come packaged in reusable tins. The game comes with 13 pieces, and the object is to add pieces to the cactus base without making the cactus tip over. You can also play by removing pieces while keeping the cactus balanced.

Remove only one piece at a time, and if you’ve got two players, then you’ll take turns removing pieces. If you make the cactus tip over, then you lose.

All of the game pieces are made of sustainable materials with sustainable manufacturing processes.

Is It Fun?
This game seems easy to play, but then you start putting together the cactus and you realize that it’s a little more challenging than anticipated. This is going to be a fun skill-and-action game for the whole family to play and tinker with. And because all the pieces fit inside the tin, you can play and tinker at home or on the go.
Who It’s For

Balancing Cactus is for one to two players ages 3 and up. It’s a challenging game of balance that the whole family can play at home or on the go.

The eco-friendly aspects of this game will appeal to eco-conscious parents.

What To Be Aware Of

The cactus pieces are made from water-based dyes using a chemical-free kiln-dried process.

Additional PlanMini toys include Memo Game, Mosaic, Construction Set, Pick-Up Sticks, and Spinning Tops. Each is sold separately.

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