Pick-Up Sticks Review (Plan Toys)

Pick-Up Sticks
What It Is

Play a little version of a classic game with Pick-Up Sticks, part of Plan Toys’ PlanMini line of small toys and games in reusable tins. This game comes with one ring and 16 sticks in four colors. There are two ways to play.

In the first game challenge, bundle all of the sticks in the ring and place the bundle on a flat surface so that the sticks stand up. Take turns pulling out one stick at a time without making the stick bundle fall. The player who collects the most sticks before the bundle falls wins the game.

In the second challenge, all of the sticks are dropped onto a flat surface. Players take turns picking up one stick at a time without making the others move. If you do it successfully, you keep the stick. If not, leave the stick where it is. The player who collects the most sticks wins.

Is It Fun?
The instructions for this game are not very specific, but we still think it’s pretty easy to pick up on how to play the game, and you could come up with your own house rules, too. The second version is a little easier to set up and play, but both versions offer a nice challenging skill-and-action game. And because the pieces fit inside the tin, you could easily take this game for play when traveling or just waiting for food at a restaurant.
Who It’s For

Pick-Up Sticks is for ages 3 and up. It’s a game that the whole family can play together at home or on the go.

The eco-friendly features of this toy will appeal to eco-conscious parents.

What To Be Aware Of

The game pieces are made from water-based dyes using a chemical-free kiln-dried process.

Other PlanMini toys include Memo Game, Mosaic, Construction Set, Balancing Cactus, and Spinning Tops. Each is sold separately.

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