Roblox Series 1 Mr. Bling Bling Action Figure Review (Jazwares)

Roblox Series 1 Mr. Bling Bling Action Figure
What It Is
The virtual world of Roblox comes to life through a line of action figures based on some of the most popular characters in the Roblox world. If you don't know, Roblox is a virtual universe played around the world by more than 48 million players, and the content is all user-generated. Mr. Bling Bling is just one of the many avatars kids can create and customize. With the Roblox Series 1 Mr. Bling Bling Action Figure, they can create, customize, and play even more. Standing at 3.25 inches tall, this character wears a golden suit with a matching top hat that has dollar signs on it. He's got a shiny smile with golden stars as eyes, and he wears a dollar sign necklace and carries a dollar sign staff. The action figure also comes with a code so kids can redeem an exclusive virtual item in the Roblox world. And this action figure can be taken apart so that kids can mix and match its pieces with those from other action figures to create some new characters. There are actually 40 characters to collect in series 1, so the more figures you collect, the more you can customize. Additional figures are sold separately.
Is It Fun?
This is going to be a fun way for Roblox fans to continue the play and creation off-screen. The action figure has the same look as what you'd expect to see in the Roblox world with fun accessories and some poseability. The ability to take Mr. Bling Bling apart and mix and match him with other action figures will really be fun for kids, especially if they still want to engage in some of that creation play they get from playing in the Roblox world. This toy will engage kids in some imaginative play as they make up their own non-digital stories for the character.
Who It’s For
Roblox Series 1 Mr. Bling Bling Action Figure is for ages 6 and up. This gives kids who like playing and creating on Roblox a new way to collect favorite Roblox characters and play with them off-screen.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional series 1 action figures include Matt Dusek, sold separately.
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