Micro Boats Water Slide Review (Zuru)

Micro Boats Water Slide
What It Is
Micro Boats, from Zuru, are fully motorized, self-steering miniature boats, great for children ages 3 and up. The Micro Boats Water Slide comes with one water slide and one exclusive Micro Boat, not available separately or with any other Micro Boat playset. The Micro Boat requires 3 alkaline batteries, not included. The Micro Boat utilizes micro-robotic sensor technology which is activated by water. It has an adjustable rudder, and can race in four different directions. If your Micro Boat bumps into a wall, no problem, it will turn itself around and continue racing.  Micro Boats race at 200 miles per hour, in scale speed. The Water Slide is adjustable and your Micro Boat can speed off at any angle.  The slide comes with a magnetic releaser so you never have to worry about your speedboat jumping the gun. Simply push down the releaser, and you're off to the races! The base of the water slide is equipped with a suction cup, for sturdiness and to allow you to set up the slide anyway, and anywhere.  Micro Boats are great for the tub or a pool. 
Is It Fun?
The Water Slide is a great addition to your Micro Boats collection, or a great place to start.  Children will love launching their water-activated boats into the tub or pool.  
Who It’s For
Children who love toy boats, or ones that need a little something extra to motivate them into the tub or pool.  
What To Be Aware Of
The boat itself needs 3 alkaline batteries, not included.  
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