Shnuggle Baby Bath Review (Shnuggle)

Shnuggle Baby Bath
What It Is

The Shnuggle Baby Bath, designed for babies from birth to one year old, is a plastic bucket style tub with a compact, oval shape that measures about 20 x 14-inches at its widest point, and stands 14-inches high. It features rubber feet on the bottom to help grip the tub, preventing it from slipping or moving around, no matter how active your baby may be. It was designed to fit inside most kitchen sinks, and can also be used in a bath tub, or simply freestanding on its own on a flat surface. The inside of the tub has a foam backrest to keep baby comfortable, prevent baby from slipping, and offer baby warmth. There's also a bum bump on the bottom to support baby in the water. For babies 0-6 months who are in a reclining position, the bump would be positioned under or between their legs, securing their bottoms behind it. For babies who are sitting up, typically around 6 months old, the bum bump keeps them from moving around too much. The tub features a fill line indicator for parents to know just how much water to put in. The max amount is roughly 8.5 cups or a half gallon of water. There's no plug so you will have to pour the water out to empty it but we found it lightweight, and easy enough to empty when filled to the max line. The overall design offers parents security in supporting the baby, making bathing easier however it may still be challenging to bathe a newborn who has little head control. That's probably going to be an issue no matter which tub you use though. 

Why Is It Useful?

Bathing babies can often be challenging, and this tub option may help make bathing easier. The smaller footprint of this bucket style tub was designed to fit into most sinks. It can also be used in an actual bath tub or on its own, offering parents different options. The depth helps keeps the water from spilling out. The padded foam backrest is comfortable on a baby's back. It also prevents them from slipping and sliding in water. The bum bump is a unique feature, designed to support babies. 

Who It’s For

The Shnuggle Baby Bath was designed for bathing babies from birth to one year old. 

What To Be Aware Of

Like all bath tubs, a baby should never be left unattended in the bath. 

The tub features a fill line indicator marked "Max" which shows parents how high to fill the water. This tub has to be manually filled, and emptied. It does not feature a plug. Some parents may prefer a plug.  

Although this tub offers parents security in supporting the baby, it may still be challenging to bathe a newborn or baby with little head control. However, that will most likely be an issue with any tub.

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