3D Cra-Z-Gels Sticker Art Deluxe Set Review (Cra-Z-Art)

3D Cra-Z-Gels Sticker Art Deluxe Set
What It Is

Paint, peel, and stick your own cool sticker designs with the 3D Cra-Z-Gels Sticker Art Deluxe Set. This comes with everything kids need to make colorful decorations for their windows, lockers, mirrors, phones, and more.

Just choose which of the 50 designs you'd like to make and place a tracing sheet over that design sheet. Designs include animals, food, and words. Then use the 10 colorful paint tubes to trace the design right on the tracing sheet. Let it dry overnight and then peel it off and stick it somewhere. 

You can also use the phone sticker template to trace a personalized sticker design on the back of your phone.

The stickers are re-stickable, and the tracing sheets and design sheets are reusable.

Is It Fun?

This is a really easy activity for kids to do, and they'll like tracing the designs using whatever colors they want and then decorating with the finished stickers. (These are called stickers, but they're really more like window clings.) Because kids are tracing, the finished designs look a little more polished than if kids were doing it freehand, but they could create their own designs if they wanted to. 

There are a lot of design possibilities with this kit, and it's going to keep creative kids engaged in a lot of creative play.

Who It’s For
The 3D Cra-Z-Gels Sticker Art Deluxe Set is for ages 6 and up. Creative kids will really like being able to make a wide variety of stickers for decorating their windows, bathroom mirrors, lockers, and more.
What To Be Aware Of

The set includes 10 paint tubes, four design sheets, one phone design sheet, two tracing sheets, and instructions.

The stickers stick to most non-porous, smooth surfaces, such as mirrors, windows, lockers, and more.

It's recommended that you protect your work surface with newspaper or paper towels before starting.

The gel will wash from skin and most fabric with soap and water. Keep gels away from wallpaper, painted walls, furniture, carpeting, and other materials that cannot be laundered. And avoid contact with skin before the gel has completely dried.

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