Water Wubble Waterballoon Balls Review (NSI International)

Water Wubble Waterballoon Balls
What It Is
Water Wubble Waterballoon Balls from NSI are reusable water balloons for outdoor fun. Eight Water Wubbles are included in each package, four pink, and four blue. They feature an easy to fill nozzle that can be filled with a hose, faucet, in a pool, or other water source. The valve can be positioned in or out when filling. Once you fill up all of your Water Wubbles, push the valves in to seal and throw like a ball, or hold them tightly by the valve and throw that way. Either way, these make for an epic water balloon fight. The harder you throw, the bigger the splash! One of the best parts about these is that they’re reusable to fill and play again and again. They don’t pop like water balloons, and seem very durable for long lasting play. 
Is It Fun?
Kids can have endless water balloon battles with Water Wubble Waterballoon Balls. Fun for outdoor play in a backyard, at the beach, or in a pool, these are easy to use. Simply fill wth water, and throw at friends or family members. Since they don't pop like standard water balloons, they can be played with over and over again. Some adults have been commenting on their slightly inappropriate appearance, which kids most likely will not notice but may give adults a good laugh. 
Who It’s For
Water Wubble Waterballoon Balls are recommended for kids ages 6 years old and up to use for water battles in a pool, at the beach, or anywhere else outside. 
What To Be Aware Of
Since these are water toys, these are best suited for outdoor play.

Eight Water Wubbles are included in each box. The nozzle is easy to fill with water. Once full, there are two ways to throw these. Either push the valve in to seal and throw like you would a ball, or hold it tightly by the valve, and spin in the air to throw. The harder you throw a Water Wubble, the bigger the splash it makes. These do not pop, and can be refilled to play with again and again. 

One thing to note is that many adults have commented about the interesting, and perhaps, inappropriate appearance of these. The good news is most kids do not seem to notice. 

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