Othello Review (Cardinal)

What It Is

Looking for a game where the gameplay isn't just black and white? Othello is an old-school classic board game that as its slogan says takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. It is a two-player game where the object of the game is to conquer the board with as many of your tokens (disks) as possible. Players start with 32 disks and chose a color: black or white. The game starts at the center of the board with two white tokens and black tokens forming an “X.” The black team always goes first. 

Then the idea is to take turns trying to outflank your opponent or, in laymen's terms, sandwich as many of your opponents tokens as possible in order to flip them to your color. You can do so, vertically, horizontally, or on a diagonal. Sounds easy enough right? Well, kind of like playing chess or checkers, you always want to be thinking ahead in the game of Othello to outsmart and outflank your opponent. For example, it's always in your best interest to work outward from the middle and dominant the borders. If you have the option to take a border space on your turn, do it. Spaces you'll want to avoid though, especially at the start, are the four squares in each corner. Corner disks are special spots with the potential to earn you the most points and secure you a win. Corner spots can never be outflanked and can often protect your collection of disks. But taking the squares that border them will almost guarantee they'll go to your opponent if you aren't careful. 

The player at the end of the game with the most squares wins.

Is It Fun?
We like that Cardinal is bringing back this classic game. Othello is a great tabletop board game that really captures all that is fun about a board game--easy to understand, quick to learn, but the kind of game that still requires a lot of strategy, in which the more you play, the better you understand the game's nuances and the better a player you can become. 
Who It’s For
Othello is for ages 7 and up from Cardinal. It will appeal to tabletop gamers that enjoy a game of strategy. This is also a great two-player game.
What To Be Aware Of
The instructions book includes the basics along with some more advanced moves players can use to improve their odds.

The Othello game board, itself, also has some improved features fans of the game will appreciate, such as raised edges around the squares to prevent their tokens from moving as sturdy double-sided plastic disks for gameplay. 

While the corners are a great strategy to winning the game, it doesn't always guarantee a win.  

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