Wonder Woman Battle Ready Doll Review (Mattel)

Wonder Woman Battle Ready Doll
What It Is
The Wonder Woman Battle Ready Doll from Mattel is inspired by the superhero's first starring role on the big screen. In the Wonder Woman movie, Diana fights in a war to end all wars. This 11.5-inch doll celebrates the character wearing a full-color imprinted fabric bodice, and skirt that resembles a type of armor in her signature red, blue, and gold colors. Detailed, plastic accessories include red, and gold high boots, silver arm guards, and a gold tiara, breastplate, belt, and armband. Her long brown hair is worn loose, and flowing. Ready for battle, she comes with her golden lasso. The lasso is plastic and is in one solid piece. It fits in her right hand, and it also hangs nicely from her belt. Her face sculpt, and features are well done, and closely resemble Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the movie. Nine points of articulation in her head, arms, and legs offer posability for display, or play. This well made doll offers a fun way to recreate favorite movie scenes, or create all new battles. 
Is It Fun?
Superhero fans from kids to adults have been long awaiting Wonder Woman, the first movie to feature the female superhero in a starring role. Inspired by the character of Diana/Wonder Woman in the film, this beautiful doll is well made, and high quality. At 11.5 inches, it's the size of most fashion dolls. This doll's outfit, and face sculpt rings true to her onscreen counterpart. It's articulated for kids or collectors to use as part of imaginative play, or to put on display on its own or as part of a collection. It offers a fun way to recreate favorite scenes from the movie, or to create all new storylines, and battles for the warrior princess. 
Who It’s For
This Wonder Woman Battle Ready Doll is recommended for ages 6 years old and up. It will appeal to superhero fans, whether they are kid or collectors. It's a fun doll for imaginative play even for kids who may be too young to see the movie. 
What To Be Aware Of
This 11.5-inch doll is inspired by the Wonder Woman in the movie, Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. A lasso is included but it is plastic, not rope. 

Additional Wonder Woman dolls are also available, and sold separately including Diana Prince & Hidden Sword, Shield Block Wonder Woman, and Bow-Wielding Wonder Woman. 

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