E-Z Grip Slam 'n Bounce Review (Tucker)

E-Z Grip Slam 'n Bounce
What It Is

Put on your game face and battle it out for the title of King or Queen of the Court with E-Z Grip Slam 'N Bounce by Tucker Toys for ages 5 and up. This set comes with 1 ball and 2 paddles. The paddles are sturdy, lightweight, easy to grip, and have a big surface area for whacking the ball and acing your opponents! The ball is bright, rubbery, grippable, has a pretty high bounce and can be bounced on sand, grass, pavement, and carpet. You can pretty much make any surface your court! Dive in and test your skills in the water—have at it! This is a super fun indoor or outdoor game that never goes out of style and will be a hit with kids and adults alike. Game, set, match! Sets come in two color combos (Green, Violet, Orange & Blue, Green,Orange), which are each sold separately. Additional EZ Grip Tucker Toys are also available and sold separately. 

Is It Fun?
The E-Z Grip Slam 'N Bounce Set is super bright and provides hours of fun, competitive play. The rackets and ball have a great grip and are easy to hold. You can also play with the ball separately for a game of catch, or hot potato. Kids can certainly use their imagination to make up fun, new games and ways to play with the Slam 'N Bounce set. You can even hold fun Slam 'N Bounce tournaments!
Who It’s For
Great for those ages 5 and up. Perfect for summertime, family fun. This is a great outdoor and indoor activity (need a large, open space to play with this set indoors) and helps improve eye-hand coordination. Those who love physical, fun competitive play, will certainly have a slammin' time with this racket ball set!
What To Be Aware Of

Two paddles and a ball come with each E-Z Grip Slam 'N Bounce set.This paddle & ball set can be used on different surfaces. There are two differently colored sets available (Green, Violet, Orange & Blue, Green,Orange)--each sold separately. Additional EZ Grip Tucker Toys are available and sold separately. 

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