Disc Jock-e Review (Tucker Toys)

Disc Jock-e
What It Is
The Disc Jock-e is a flying disc that has a built in speaker that lets you stream music to the disc from any device using Bluetooth. Simply connect your device via Bluetooth and control the music as you play via your Bluetooth-enabled device or on the disc itself. The connection is very easy to set up, the sound quality is strong and clear in respect to value, the disc flies well, and there are buttons on the disc that allow you to skip songs or control the volume.
Is It Fun?
Now you can have a catch and have your music without need another device with a speaker. Most people have their music on their phones, and you can stream your favorite playlist through disc jock-e while tossing back and forth.
Who It’s For
This is age graded for kids 8+ and but looking at the reaction from the TTPM team, many teenagers and adults will want this also.
What To Be Aware Of
We played with this on the streets and the speaker wasn't affected by the beating we gave it. The packaging says water resistant, which is not waterproof.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy