Wonder Woman Hero-Action Bow Review (Mattel)

Wonder Woman Hero-Action Bow
What It Is

The Wonder Woman Hero-Action Bow from Mattel is a bow primed to reenact all the sweet moves this powerful DC Comics super heroine showcases in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. This kid-friendly version of the life-size Wonder Bo-Dom features the iconic colors and designs as seen wielded by Wonder Woman in the new film. It also comes with six darts to blasts at your enemies as you recreate moments from the film or your own imaginary battles.

To use, insert three of the included plastic darts into the loader, then pull back on the bow, take aim, and fire. There are two modes for firing the darts with this bow, which it's worth noting is not clearly indicated on the packaging. With the flip of a switch on the side of the bow, you can choose to fire off a round of three darts at once or one dart at a time.

Is It Fun?

This bow does the trick in terms of inspiring imaginative and girl-powered superhero play based on the new movie. If you do get this bow though, we suggest you enjoy the thrill of it in single-shot mode, in triple-shot mode, we felt it was underwhelming in it's distance performance. After all, this super heroine certainly proves she's got the strength and tools to hang with and take down the boys when needed.

Who It’s For

The Wonder Woman Hero-Action Bow is from Mattel and it's for ages 8 and up. It will appeal to fans of the new film as well as kids looking to reenact moments from the films and the world of comics. There is a real rise of superhero toys for girls and this one is definitely one worth adding to your toy chest for that reason alone.

What To Be Aware Of

The packaging says the darts will travel up to 50 feet but it depends on the mode it's in. In single-shot mode, the bow definitely sends darts flying 50 feet and sometime beyond. But in triple-shot mode, it didn't come close to that. We were a little underwhelmed and disappointed by the actual performance in this mode, especially since we've seen how well Mattel's BoomCo blaster line has worked in the past.

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