Laser X Review (NSI International)

Laser X
What It Is
Laser X is a fun Laser Game that comes with two vests and two blasters. kids of all ages have played with Laser Tag or have been to Q-ZAR Laser centers. This home version has a vest/target that is comfortable, adjusts easily, keeps score and isn't overly sensitive. The blasters are easy to set up and allows you to choose to be a blue or red team. They also provide an option for every player to play as an individual. 
Is It Fun?
NSI did an excellent job executing this version of a laser game with features that improve on earlier versions of laser play. You know when you've been hit, or hit an opponent. You can fire and bounce the infrared beam off a wall or mirror to hit your opponent. If you fire at your own teammate, it won't record a hit. Overall, this is the best version of a laser type game we've played at TTPM.
Who It’s For
This can be for two people to play, or you can play with as many blasters/vests you want because you can set up a Red team vs. a Blue team. While its age graded 6+, everyone in our office had fun, and this is the type of activity you can play with friends or family. Even parents will enjoy getting in on the action!
What To Be Aware Of
You will need 6 AAA batteries. Also we,never recommend taking blasters outside in the dark unless you're playing in your private yard. These blasters fire an infrared beam, not an actual laser. 
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy