Would You Rather? Filthy Edition Review (Spin Master)

Would You Rather? Filthy Edition
What It Is

Would You Rather? Filthy Edition from Spin Master puts an adult spin on the classic quiz game of would you rather? The gameplay is super straight-forward. Players take turns drawing a card, then read aloud the two would you rather options (A) or (B). You, the judge, decide what option you think the players will choose. The rest of the players then talk it over privately to come to an agreement on which option they'd ultimately rather do. For example: Would you rather be a 4-year-old that falls into a gorilla zoo exhibit or a 60-year-old with no retirement savings? Then it's up to you, the judge, to see if your answer matches that of your fellow players.

Players earn points based on the cards they collect for each correctly matching guess per round. Earn three cards to win the game. 

Is It Fun?
Overall this is a quick, fast, and fun party game. Games in general are a great way to get a party started and get guests interacting with others they might not know very well—this is the type of game that's perfect for these situations. We also think it will appeal to a wide range of personalities while still not being too filthy or as offensive as some other adult games can get. 
Who It’s For
Would You Rather?: Filthy Edition is a four or more player game for adults. While some of the content might be appropriate enough for younger players to play, all the choices are still geared toward scenarios that adults might be faced with or scenarios drawn from today's news that adults are more familiar with than kids. 
What To Be Aware Of
We quickly found in flipping through these cards is that they aren't all filthy but rather inappropriate. While some expecting more extreme content might be a bit disappointed, we think it's actually a good mixture to appeal to a wide audience, after all one person's extreme might not match another. 
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