World Map in the Tub Review (Alex)

World Map in the Tub
What It Is

Kids can learn about the world around them while getting clean in the tub with the World Map in the Tub toy. This comes with 29 foam puzzle pieces that kids can put together right on the bathtub wall. The puzzle pieces all float in the water and need to be wet in order to stick to the tub wall. When complete, kids will have a 20-inch by 10-inch world map puzzle to look at. 

The continents and oceans are labeled with colorful pictures of animals and landmarks, such as a panda and Big Ben, that can be found in each location. There are also some extra pieces, such as a sun and a helicopter, that kids can stick to the tub wall around the puzzle or to the puzzle itself.

When you're done playing, put all the pieces inside the mesh storage bag that has suction cups on it so you can stick it to the tub wall and keep it around for next bath time. There's also a hanging loop if you prefer to hang the bag somewhere else.

Is It Fun?
This will be a fun puzzle for kids to put together, especially because it easily sticks to the tub wall, giving kids a different surface on which to puzzle. With some parent participation, kids can search the colorful puzzle to identify continents, oceans, animals, and more. It's a very cute puzzle that will be a fun way to introduce little kids to the continents, oceans, and other cultures of the world. It may even be a fun enough activity to get reluctant bathers excited about hopping into the tub.
Who It’s For
The World Map in the Tub puzzle is for ages 3 and up. This gives kids a fun activity to do in the bathtub and encourages some learning play during bath time.
What To Be Aware Of

Make sure you wet the puzzle pieces first so that they will stick to the tub wall. Ours stuck pretty well with only a few pieces trying to slide down while we assembled the puzzle.

Adult supervision is required when children are playing in the bathtub.

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