Bunchems! Marvel Avengers Iron Man Review (Spin Master)

Bunchems! Marvel Avengers Iron Man
What It Is
With the Bunchems Marvel Avengers Iron Man kit, kids can use Bunchems to create one of their favorite high-tech, iron clad superheroes. If you are familiar with Bunchems, then you already know how they work: Like burs you might find on a walk through the woods, these plastic colorful burs stick together to create 3-D objects or in this case, Iron Man. To help you make these designs, each kit comes with all the Bunchems in the necessary colors you need to make each character, plus a handy guide, which you can use as a template to piece together your own character. 

This kit includes 130 red Bunchems, 42 yellow Bunchems, four white Bunchems, 63 black Bunchems, three accessories, one template card, and guide book. There are two ways kids can make their own Iron Man. They can using the template card to lay the Bunchems down in the colors that correspond to the template. Or they can use the box as a reference to create a larger, three-dimensional model of Iron Man. 

Is It Fun?
One of the great things about Bunchems is that they offer a lot of repeat play value, while also encouraging kids to get creative. We like that this kit offers a bit of structure to the play if they wish to use the templates to design a character. Or, they can think outside the box and even recreate scenes from the Captain America: Civil War movie using the Captain America Bunchems kit, which is sold separately.
Who It’s For
The Bunchems Marvel Avengers Iron Man kit is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to Iron Man fans, fans of the Avengers and kids that like creative, hands-on tactile play.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional Marvel Bunchems kits are also available and sold separately, including the Marvel Avengers Captain America kit and Spider-Man kit. 

There have been instances of Bunchems getting caught in kids' hair. So as a common sense practice, don't put these in your hair. We know it might be tempting to see what Bunchems stick to, but just don't do it!

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