Blast Box Review (Zing)

Blast Box
What It Is

Finish off your family game night with a bang when you play Blast Box. This is a game of exploding balloons. You use the included balloon inflator and the easy tie clip to inflate your balloons. Then, you place the balloons inside the Blast Box. You'll use one balloon per player, so if you've got four players, you'll use four balloons. 

Players then take turns spinning the spinner to see what action they'll have to take. If you land on a picture of one pin, then you must hammer one pin into the top of the Blast Box. If you land on two or three pins, then you must hammer two or three pins anywhere into the top of the Blast Box. Another spinner spot allows you to not take any action, while another spot reverses the direction of play.

Eventually, one player will pop the balloons hammering in one of the pins. If you pop a balloon, you're out. The last player standing wins.

Is It Fun?
Although the popping sound is not as satisfying as we hoped it would be, this is a silly and suspenseful game that the whole family will enjoy playing. The instructions are not very clear, but it is pretty easy to pick up on how to set up the game and how to play. Not knowing where the balloons are underneath the Blast Box makes the game challenging and will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the “pop”. And when it doesn't come, you'll breathe a sigh of relief--until your next turn, that is. 
Who It’s For

Blast Box is for two to four players ages 4 and up. It's going to make a suspenseful addition to your next family game night, although younger players might have more fun playing it than older players.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with a Blast Box, spinner, hammer, 100 balloons, a balloon inflator, 20 easy tie clips, and 30 pins. 

Don't overinflate the balloons or they will pop.

The only game instructions are found on the back of the box. They are not super clear, but we figured it out.

The sound of the balloons popping in the Blast Box is sort of muffled and drowned out by the sound of the hammer. We wish the balloon popping sound was louder.

There is also a free Blast Box app to download that features an alternative way to play.

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