World's Smallest Pez Review (Super Impulse)

World's Smallest Pez
What It Is

Enjoy the fun of eating PEZ candy at any size with the World's Smallest PEZ. Even though this PEZ dispenser stands just under three inches tall, it still works and it comes with one sleeve of PEZ candy. There are two different PEZ dispensers to collect: Peter Pez, who looks like a clown, and Pez Boy. 

Slide up the dispenser's head, place some of the PEZ candy inside, and slide the head back down. To dispense a piece of candy, lift up on the head and take out the candy.

Is It Fun?
Collecting Pez dispensers is a big deal for some folks, and we think they'll definitely want to add this small one to their collections. This definitely has nostalgic appeal to parents and grandparents who remember PEZ from when they were growing up, but even today's kids will have fun dispensing and eating the PEZ candy. It tastes so good!
Who It’s For
The World's Smallest PEZ is for ages 5 and up. It will have a nostalgic appeal to parents and grandparents, and will also be something for PEZ collectors to add to their collections.
What To Be Aware Of

There are nutrition guidelines for the PEZ candy on the package.

Additional World's Smallest products include Gumby and World's Coolest Turntable, each sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Collectability

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy