Wonder Woman Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman Review (Mattel)

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman
What It Is

Wonder Woman is back to save “man's world” in the new Wonder Woman movie, and fans can bring the action from the movie to life with the Wonder Woman Steve Trevor & Wonder Woman two-doll set. As the name of the product suggests, this comes with an exclusive 12-inch Steve Trevor doll along with a 12-inch Wonder Woman doll. Both of the dolls are very poseable and stand on their own.

The Wonder Woman doll's facial sculpt very closely resembles that of actress Gal Gadot who plays the new Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince. The doll also has very clearly defined muscles in the arms and legs to denote the strength and power of this female superhero and demigoddess. The doll's outfit is based on the one Diana wears on her home of Paradise Island. It consists of a brown dress with brown shoulder strap wrapped around the waist, silver Bracelets of Submission, gladiator-style platform sandals, and her sword of Athena. The doll wears its dark brown hair in a braid.

The Steve Trevor doll doesn't bear as close a resemblance to Chris Pine, the actor who plays the character in the movie, but its outfit is based on one worn by Pine in the movie. It consists of a faux leather jacket with green satin sleeves worn over a cream-colored sweater. The doll's brown pants and boots are plastic molded to the doll's legs. Around the doll's waist, there is a holster and gun accessory.

Is It Fun?
Fans of the new Wonder Woman movie will really like bringing the main characters from the movie to life through these two highly detailed and articulated dolls. We were really impressed with the likeness of the Wonder Woman doll to actress Gal Gadot and how muscular the doll is. While this two-doll set will obviously be fun for younger fans to recreate favorite movie scenes and make up their own Wonder Woman stories, the look and poseability of each doll will also make these great collector's items for older fans.
Who It’s For
The Wonder Woman Steve Trevor & Wonder Woman doll set is for ages 6 and up. The dolls will be fun for fans of the new Wonder Woman movie. Younger fans will enjoy playing out favorite movie scenes while older Wonder Woman fans will like keeping these detailed and articulated dolls out on display.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional 12-inch Wonder Woman dolls based on the new movie are also available and sold separately.
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