Bunny Rattle Lovie Review (Waddle)

Bunny Rattle Lovie
What It Is
Waddle's new Rattle Lovies combine two things that baby's love: soft blankets and rattles. Each Rattle Lovie has a stuffed animal holding an attached soft blanket, but when you shake the stuffed animal, you'll hear a rattling sound. There are a variety of Rattle Lovies to choose from, including a white bunny rabbit with an embroidered face, long pink ears, and floppy legs.
Is It Fun?
The combination of the rattle stuffed animal and the soft blanket give baby double the sensory play experience. Hearing the rattle is good for developing auditory skills as well as introducing baby to cause and effect. And the softness of the bunny and the blanket will provide nice tactile play for baby. As baby gets older, he or she will enjoy cuddling up with this toy at naptime and bedtime.
Who It’s For
The Bunny Rattle Lovie is for ages birth and up. We think it would be a nice gift for a baby shower or to welcome home a new baby.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional Rattle Lovies include unicorn, dinosaur, panda, puppy, giraffe, teddy bear, monkey, elephant, and cat. Each is sold separately.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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