Color Cube Sudoku Review (ThinkFun)

Color Cube Sudoku
What It Is
Color Cube Sudoku takes the colorful squares of a Rubik's Cube and the play strategy of Sudoku and turns them into a really fun and addicting single-player puzzle game. The object is to flip and rearrange the nine color cubes into a three by three square so that each of the six colors appear once in every row and column. That means horizontally and vertically. The instruction manual offers a few helpful hints, but after that it's up to you to use your brain to solve the puzzle.
Is It Fun?
This puzzle game is challenging in a good way. You won't be able to stop flipping the cubes and trying to figure out the best combination of cubes. The game really is that addicting and fun to play. Though it can get a little frustrating when you get almost all the cubes lined up only to find that none of the other cubes fit. But if you like solving these types of puzzles, then you'll be up for the challenge of the basic game and the more advanced puzzles once you master the basic version. 
Who It’s For

Color Cube Sudoku is for ages 8 and up. It's going to be a fun challenge for anyone who enjoys these types of brainteasers and puzzlers.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with nine color cubes, a display board, and instructions. There are no solutions in the instruction manual because there are actually two trillion combinations and more than half a million solutions. So that would be a pretty big instruction manual. Hopefully, you'll figure out just one of the solutions as you play.

After we played the game for a little bit, we looked at the picture on the front of the box to see if there might be a hint or two in the picture. We were surprised to see that the picture on the box is a solved puzzle, so you could easily cheat and copy what you see on the box. But you wouldn't do that, would you?

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