UNO Emoji Review (Mattel)

UNO Emoji
What It Is
UNO Emoji Card Game from Mattel takes the classic game of UNO, and gives it an Emoji-inspired twist. The 112 UNO cards in the game feature Emoji faces and symbols, which will appeal to emoji lovers everywhere. Anyone familiar with emojis will recognize the faces, the thumbs up sign, dancing twins in bunny ears, and of course, poop. Just like traditional UNO, 2 to 10 players ages 7 and up race to be the first player to get rid of all their cards. To do so, players take turns matching a card in their hand with the card shown on top of the deck. This Emoji-themed variation features a special card that requires players to imitate and hold an Emoji expression. If a player does not hold the expression for two turns, he or she has to draw four cards. It is more difficult than it sounds, especially when there are a lot of players, but it adds a funny twist to the game. The first player to score 500 points wins. And as always, players must yell “UNO!” when they have only one card. 
Is It Fun?
UNO is a popular, fast paced, fun game that appeals to both kids, and adults. UNO Emoji combines the fun of the classic game with favorite emoji faces and symbols. Emojis are all the rage at the moment, making this a game that will be loved by many. Those familiar with emojis will recognize the faces, and symbols featured on the 112 cards. The special emoji card has a rule requiring a player to imitate, and hold an Emoji expression. This adds a funny twist to the game play as players try to go two rounds with their tongues out, kissing, looking nervous, happy, or more. And like all UNO card games, this is a compact, portable game, great for travel or playing at home.
Who It’s For
UNO Emoji is for 2 to 10 players ages 7 years old and up. It will appeal to kids, and some adults, who like playing UNO, card games, and emojis. 
What To Be Aware Of
This edition of UNO is played like traditional UNO, except there is a special Emoji card and rule. Players can choose to play the traditional way, if they want to, and simply remove the special cards from the deck before playing. 

The first player to score 500 points wins the game. Players must yell “UNO!” when they only have one card. 

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