Ghostbusters Protect the Barrier Game Review (Mattel)

Ghostbusters Protect the Barrier Game
What It Is

Don't let Rowan haunt the building in the game Ghostbusters Protect the Barrier. In this game, players work as a team to escape from the Mercado Building with all eight Paranormal Energy Devices before six of the rooms become haunted. There are actually four ways to play, each with a different level of difficulty. The Basic Battle with Rowan version differs from the Basic Battle version because you add in the exclusive Rowan mini figure, which alters the rules. The Advanced Adventure doesn't use Rowan, but it is different because you add different cards to the draw pile. And the Advanced Adventure with Rowan plays like the Advanced Adventure version but with the Rowan mini figure rules added.

But before you can play any of the advanced versions, you'll need to understand how to play the Basic Battle version. Each player picks a Ghostbusters Mover and places it on the front door space on the board. Also on the board will be ghost figures in the lettered rooms, and Paranormal Energy Devices in the red background rooms. The shuffled draw pile of cards gets placed on the Ghostbusters Icon space.

Once set up, players take turns performing a series of actions. To start, roll the movement die, which will tell you if you have to add a ghost figure to a room and how many spaces you move your Ghostbuster. If you rolled a ghost on the die, flip over the top card from the draw pile. If it has a letter on it, you must place a ghost figure in the room with the matching letter. But if the card says "shuffle", you just take all of the cards from the draw and discard piles and shuffle them up to create a new draw pile.

Then, you move your Ghostbusters Mover up to the number shown on the die. The object is to move into a room to either pick up its Paranormal Energy Device and/or fight its ghost figure.

If you get a Paranormal Energy Device, you can only drop it off once you exit the building, and you can't collect any more until you drop it off.

To fight a ghost, you roll the battle die. If you roll a ghost, you can remove one ghost from the room. But if the room has three ghosts in it, it is haunted, and the only way to un-haunt it is to have two players in the room, each taking a turn to roll the battle die. If at least one haunting icon is rolled, the room is no longer haunted.

Is It Fun?

This is a game that's going to take a little time to get familiar with, especially if you want to play the more advanced versions. But once you start playing, you will get the hang of it. There's a lot of strategy involved, and you really have to pay attention because you don't want to let too many rooms get haunted or you'll lose the game. Luckily, you're working together, so don't hesitate to point out something or suggest moves to the other players.

This is a cooperative board game, which might be a little different from the games you're used to playing, but you're playing out the storyline from the Ghostbusters movie in which all four Ghostbusters work together, so you kind of need to have the teamwork aspect of it in this game.

Because it is movie-based, it's going to be fun for fans of the movie who will like taking on the role of a favorite female Ghostbuster and playing out the story from the movie in board game form. And the four different ways to play provide new challenges that keep the game interesting each time you play.

Who It’s For

Ghostbusters Protect the Barrier Game is for two to four players ages 8 and up. Fans of the Ghostbusters movie will like taking on the role of a favorite female Ghostbuster and playing out the story of the movie in this board game.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with a game board, four Ghostbusters movers, 20 cards, 24 ghost figures, six haunting figures, an exclusive Rowan mini figure, a movement die with numbers, a battle die with symbols, and eight Paranormal Energy Devices.

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