Barbie Dreamtopia Color Stylin' Princess Review (Mattel)

Barbie Dreamtopia Color Stylin' Princess
What It Is

Barbie needs a colorful hairdo when traveling through the colorful world of Dreamtopia. The Barbie Dreamtopia Color Stylin' Princess doll is based on the movie Barbie Dreamtopia in which Barbie and her sister Chelsea travel through fantastical lands. This doll has two color-change hair features so that she can be just as colorful as the places she travels.

With the first feature, kids simply twist the top of the doll's head around to change her long blonde hair into long pink hair. Then, dip the included sponge brush into ice cold water to add purple streaks to the pink hair. Using warm water turns it back to all pink.

The doll also comes with a regular hairbrush, two pairs of shoes, two necklaces, and two tiaras. She wears a spaghetti strap dress with a solid pink bodice and a glittery floral print skirt.

Is It Fun?

This will be a fun doll to play with whether or not kids have seen the new Barbie Dreamtopia movie. They will enjoy the “magic” of changing up Barbie's hair with this doll and engaging in lots of creative hairplay.

We didn't think the sponge brush worked that well, but dipping Barbie's hair directly into the ice cold or warm water really did the trick. Turning the top of Barbie's head to change the hair color may look a little strange to parents, but we're sure that kids won't find it weird at all. On the contrary, they'll like how easy it is to do so that they can change up Barbie's look over and over again.

Who It’s For
The Barbie Dreamtopia Color Stylin' Princess doll is for ages 3 and up. This will be a fun way to engage young Barbie fans in creative hairplay.
What To Be Aware Of

Because this toy involves water, you might want to protect your play space before playing or play in an area where it's okay to get wet.

We didn't think the included sponge brush worked that well at changing the color of the doll's hair. We recommend just dipping Barbie's hair directly into a cup or bowl of water.

The doll is also available with an African-American doll, sold separately.

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