Leo's Surprise Attack Playset Review (Playmates Toys)

Leo's Surprise Attack Playset
What It Is

The biggest surprise about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants Leo's Surprise Attack Playset is that it looks like a large Leonardo action figure but opens up to reveal a mini playset. This 9.5-inch action figure has training and battling areas, plus two micro action figures of Stealth Ninja Leo and Shredder.

Pull down on the front of the figure to find a training dummy so Leo can practice his ninja moves and storage for weapons. But there's also a sliding dojo door that reveals a secret escape hatch. You can also escape off the front with the ejection staircase and the ramp. 

Open up Leo's head to reveal a kid-powered elevator. Underneath is a sewer lid that opens to send a micro action figure down one of Leo's legs. The left leg takes you to a punching fist, while the right leg takes you to a control center and jail.

Pull down on Leo's shell to reveal a battling area, complete with jail door, ejection staircase, trap door, and battle platform pegs. Place the action figures on the platforms and move the lever back and forth to make it look like they're battling.

There is also a cannon that shoots three projectiles one at a time. This can be placed on its base and played with off of the playset.

Everything can be folded up and stored inside the larger action figure when playtime is over.

Is It Fun?
Opening and unfolding all the features is pretty easy to do, and there are so many fun surprises for kids to discover as they play. They'll like the two playset sides so they can play out battling and training, just like what they've seen on the TV show. And, of course, kids can play with the somewhat poseable Leonardo action figure when it's all folded up, too. This will inspire a lot of action-packed, narrative-based play for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.
Who It’s For

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutant Leo's Surprise Attack Playset is for ages 4 and up. TMNT fans will really like the imaginative play they can have with this two-in-one action figure and playset.

What To Be Aware Of
Additional Micro Mutant playsets are also available and sold separately.
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