Kap It! Review (Kidzgames, LLC)

Kap It!
What It Is
Kap It! is a skill and action game based around the viral bottle flipping phenomenon. The idea in this game is to flip water bottle so that it lands right side up. 

It comes with two empty water bottles, plus a rubberized neoprene-like game mat. The rubberized bottom is what keeps it from moving around, which is key since this game can get a bit wet. Players start the game by filling up the water bottles to the base line of the labels as indicated. Then it's time to flip. 

The youngest player goes first. The goal is to flip your bottle to land in an upright position and on one of the points areas on the play mat. Points range from one to two to three to five, with the higher points being more difficult to land. The goal is to get a score of 21 to win. You can also double your points if you "kap it," or land on the cap. The instructions weren't clear about what happens if you exceed a score of 21; It simply says you must hit exactly 21, and play can continue if multiple players hit 21 on the same turn. We suggest deciding on house rules for this instance. 

Is It Fun?
In terms of the bottle flipping, the gameplay is pretty addictive, which is a game quality that definitely leads to repeat play value. But it does take practice to 1) get the bottle to land upright 2) even attempt to "kap it". That said--once you do figure out the right angle to landing the bottles, it will result is some serious bottle flipping battles.
Who It’s For
Kap It! is for 2–6 players ages 8 and up. Although the game only comes with two bottles to play with, this is definitely a game where the more players, the more fun in our opinion. This is a game that is a perfect party starter with addictive qualities that will get everyone wanting to play. 
What To Be Aware Of
The directions weren't explicitly clear that you can earn points for landing the bottle simply upright. It wasn't until after reading that you can earn double points for "kapping it" that we understood points are still earned for simply landing the bottle upright. 

The directions weren't clear about what happens if you exceed a score of 21. So, what happens if you exceed 21? We suggest players decide house rules for this potential situation. For example, you can say that if players exceed 21, they start back at zero, or that player is out of the game.

 There are only two bottles included but you can easily take turns using the bottles.

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    Medium Difficulty