Fire Truck Pull Toy Review (The Manhattan Toy Company)

Fire Truck Pull Toy
What It Is

The Fire Truck Pull Toy from the Manhattan Toy Company is a wooden fire truck that functions as both a pull toy, and an activity center. Measuring 10 x 6 x 8 inches, the fire truck-shaped toy features rubber trimmed wheels, and a yellow cord to pull the truck along. It also has hands on activities for toddlers to explore. There’s a shape sorter with three wooden blocks - a circle, square, and triangle - for little ones to try to fit in the corresponding holes. There’s also a bead run, and two spinners with a firefighter on one side, and a dalmatian on the other. The wood is treated with non-toxic water based finishes. Recommended for 1 year olds and older, this is a well made toy with activities that may help toddlers develop motor skills, learn shapes, and work on problem solving. 

Is It Fun?

This is a great option for kids who are into fire trucks, and would make a great first fire truck for a child.  Aspiring firefighters, and all other toddlers can pull this wooden toy along or explore the activity center. It's not only well made, and cute to look at, it also has plenty of age appropriate activities to keep little ones engaged. They can sort shapes using wooden blocks,  play with the beads on the bead run, and spin the firefighter, and dalmatian spinners. These activities may help in the development of motor skills, and problem solving, while offering a fun way to practice shapes. Treated with non-toxic water based finishes, the wooden toy is a safer, and more eco-friendly option than many toys on the market, which will appeal to many parents.

Who It’s For

The Fire Truck Pull Toy is recommended for toddlers ages 1 year old and up. It is a fun option for young kids who are into firetrucks, and firefighters, and would make a great first firetruck for a child. It will also appeal to parents who prefer their children play with more eco-friendly wooden toys than many of the plastic toys available on the market today. 

What To Be Aware Of

This is a wooden firetruck with wood treated with non-toxic water based finishes. 

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