The Helper Hare Review (Envision Kidz LLC)

The Helper Hare
What It Is

Ever wondered how the Easter Bunny does his job? Find out in The Helper Hare. This is a storybook and plush toy set that tells the story of the Easter Bunny and his helpers. Kind of like how Santa has elves, the Easter Bunny has helper hares who make the Easter baskets, toys, and candy, and travel to the homes of boys and girls to make sure the children are behaving. And that's where the set's plush hare comes into play. For the week or two that this helper hare visits, kids will find him in a different hiding spot each morning. They can play with the hare during the day but must put him back at night so that he can report back to the Easter Bunny about what the kids did that day. Kids who are good will get a basket full of treats on Easter Sunday.

The illustrated storybook has a certificate in the back where kids can write down the name of their helper hare and the date that they started this new Easter tradition.

The 11-inch plush hare is a soft little bunny with long ears and a fluffy white tail. Looking like the bunnies in the book, he wears a sweater vest and jeans. The toy has a bean-filled bottom so that it can sit up on its own.

Is It Fun?
If you're a family that celebrates Easter and you'd like to start a family tradition with your young kids, then The Helper Hare might be a fun addition to your Easter festivities. Much like similar holiday toys such as The Elf on the Shelf, parents can use the toy as a way to encourage good behavior. And also like the famous shelf-sitting elf, The Helper Hare relies on parents to create the magic. It's up to parents how creative they want to be with the hiding spots, and, of course, they've got to remember to do it every night. But for parents who are willing to put forth the effort, the act of reading the story together and welcoming the hare into the home has the potential to create some lasting family memories.
Who It’s For
The Helper Hare is for ages 3 and up. This will be ideal for young kids who still believe in the Easter Bunny.
What To Be Aware Of
The Helper Hare is available to purchase from
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