Despicable Me 3 Bop It! Minion Stuart Review (Hasbro)

Despicable Me 3 Bop It! Minion Stuart
What It Is
Despicable Me 3 Bop It Minion Stuart is a special edition of Hasbro's popular Bop It Game. This version is simpler than the regular Bop It, as there are only three commands: Bop It, Twist It, Pull It. You will Bop Minion Stuarts Head, Twist his eye, or pull his leg depending on his command

This is a simpler version of Bop It that is a little less challenging but still fun.

Is It Fun?
Although less challenging the regular Bop It, Minions fans will love the voices and Bopping Stuarts Head, turning his eye, or pulling his leg.
Who It’s For
This toy is age graded 8+ and isn't as hard as some of the other Bop It Games Hasbro offers.
What To Be Aware Of
Once you get to ten correct bop, twists, and pulls, the game ends and ten is your high score. I found it somewhat easy to achieve the high score and some kids might not find this version as challenging as other Bop It Games. Also, only one player can play at a time with this version.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required