Laura Ashley Baby Orthodontic Pacifier Review (Laura Ashley)

Laura Ashley Baby Orthodontic Pacifier
What It Is

Keep your baby calm and soothed while also looking stylish with the Laura Ashley Baby Orthodontic Pacifier. The classic Laura Ashley lifestyle brand is now bringing its signature colors and florals to the world of baby products, starting with this BPA-free pacifier. The pink pacifier has a butterfly on the front with a pink handle. The back of the pacifier has a rubberized grip on the sides to ensure comfort when baby holds the pacifier against her mouth. And the shape of the pacifier's silicone nipple is flat on the bottom and round at the top, a design that is supposed to help prevent tooth misalignment as baby's jaw and palate develop.

The pacifier's packaging can be reused as a carrying case.

Why Is It Useful?

Many babies love to suck on pacifiers because of the comfort it brings. Whether trying to soothe a cranky baby or help soothe a baby to sleep at naptime or bedtime, this pacifier is a good option. The nipple shape provides comfort while also helping with the natural development of a baby's palate, teeth, and gums, which is good for parents who are concerned about their baby using a pacifier.

Who It’s For
The Laura Ashley Baby Orthodontic Pacifier is for ages birth and up. The Laura Ashley brand is obviously not going to mean anything to a little baby, but moms who are fans of Laura Ashley will like being able to pass on the brand's design to their stylish newborns.
What To Be Aware Of

Additional Laura Ashley Baby products are also available and sold separately.

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