Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Series 9 Collectible Mini Figures Review (Just Play)

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Series 9 Collectible Mini Figures
What It Is
Now that Doc McStuffins is working at the Toy Hospital, there's a whole lot more Doc to collect! Add to your collections with the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Series 9 Collectible Mini Figures. There are 13 figures to collect in this new series, including one rare glitter figure. And each figure is sold separately in a blind bag, so you won't know which one you're getting until you open the bag. There are new character figures in this collection as well as some of your favorite classic Doc characters in new poses. Will you collect Lambie, Stuffy, Hazel, Gabby, Bronty, Pandrora Panda, Flicker, Buddy, Findo, Snow Peep, Rosie, Snuggs, or the rare Glitter Ladybug?
Is It Fun?
These mini figures are the perfect size for preschool Doc McStuffins fans to collect, trade, display, and play with. They'll like making a mini hospital setting for Doc so she can take care of all of her toy friends. The surprise of opening up each bag to see which character is inside ups the collectability and suspense for kids. No matter which characters kids get or how many they collect, these small figures will inspire a lot of imaginative play, allowing kids to recreate scenes from the TV show or make up all-new storylines for Doc and her friends.
Who It’s For
The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Series 9 Collectible Mini Figures are ideal for imaginative Doc McStuffins fans ages 3 and up. Kids who already have a Doc collection of mini figures will like adding to it with the series 9 figures, but these will also be fun for any kid who wants to collect and play with some favorite Doc McStuffins characters.
What To Be Aware Of
Each mini figure is sold separately. They don't come with collector's guides, so you may want to keep one of the bags handy because the back of the bag includes all 13 figures in series 9. That way you can still keep track of which figures you've collected.
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