Bob the Builder Die-Cast Two-Tonne Review (Fisher-Price)

Bob the Builder Die-Cast Two-Tonne
What It Is
The Bob the Builder Die-Cast Two-Tonne vehicle is a 3.5-inch long by 2.5-inch tall diecast truck that brings to life one of the main anthropomorphic truck characters from the world of the animated series, Bob the Builder

two-Tonne is a member of Bob's construction team. Two-Tonne is described in the series as a dark blue, strong and trusty truck, which is captured in this miniature scale. Like Scoop, Two-Tonne also features tough tread tires. He also features a low-loader to carry the included construction crate. 

Is It Fun?
Grab this Scoop toy and pretend to be a part of Bob the Builder's beloved construction team. Overall, we think this is a great little vehicle toy that encourage kids to act out the storylines from the show while enjoying plenty of vehicle play. 
Who It’s For
The Bob the Builder Die-Cast Two-Tonne is for ages 3 and up from Fisher-Price. It will appeal to Bob the Builder fans as well as kids that love trucks.
What To Be Aware Of
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