Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Flip-Up Hero Mask Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Flip-Up Hero Mask
What It Is
Turn into your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with the Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Flip-Up Mask from Hasbro. Maybe you can't sling webs or scale walls like the real Spidey, played by Tom Holland in the newest installment of the movie franchise (and formerly played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire), but with this mask you can definitely look like him! In comparison to roleplay Spider-Man masks of the past, this mask features a unique flip-up bottom. The top of the mask is made of a sturdy, yet flexible plastic. The exterior of it is a bit texturized. The interior features comfortable silicon goggles for your eyes, although kids with glasses may find it uncomfortable to wear. The bottom part of the mask is made of a heavier spandex-like material. Kids can flip it up without having to take the whole mask off, kind of like how Spider-Man does on occasion in the movies. There is also an adjustable elastic band to hold and secure the mask into place. 
Is It Fun?
We think this Spider-Man mask is a pretty comfortable fit (even on our adult heads) and as with any mask, it's a great way for kids to roleplay and pretend to be their favorite web-slinging superhero. With the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie out in July 2017, we're pretty sure a lot of little Spidey look-alikes running around the neighborhoods this summer. This mask might be the perfect one to complete their look!
Who It’s For

The Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Flip-Up Mask is from Hasbro and it's for ages 5 and up. It will appeal to kids that like superhero roleplay, Spider-Man, and dress-up. 

What To Be Aware Of
One thing to note is that while the mask's flip-up feature makes it easier to keep the top portion of the mask on, the bottom half gives the mask a snugger fit around the nose and mouth. The mask is porous but some kids might feel like it's harder to breath due to the heat of their breath when wearing. This is something for parents to be aware of, especially if your child has any type of anxiety. 
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